5 Tips When Relocating For A New Job

Both getting a new job and moving can be terrifying and exciting, and if you have to relocate for your new job, you may feel a little overwhelmed. If you're relocating for your next job, and your employer offers relocation services, here are five tips to remember so you can make your move as easy and inexpensive as possible.

Ask About Packing and Moving Services

Packing and moving all your items is a headache, but there are providers who will pack all your items for you, pack the truck, haul the items, and unpack the truck at your new home, so find out if your job will pay for this; in a best case scenario, your employer will pay for movers to do all the work of packing and moving your items.. At the very least, they may be willing to pay for the actual cost of a moving truck.

Determine if You Need Temporary Housing

If you're moving to another state or across the country, buying or renting a new home can be difficult from afar. You may not have the time or money to visit your new city beforehand, so you may have to buy or rent a home without physically seeing it first. You may prefer to move first and then find a home, but then where will you live while you look? Ask if your job offers free or inexpensive temporary housing. Don't forget that they may even be willing to help you find a new home and sell your old home.

Get Help Finding Your Partner Work

If you have a partner who also provides income, they'll need a new job too. In a perfect world, you'll both manage to find new jobs in the same area at the same time, but that isn't likely. Your partner may not even have a job set up when you move. This is a good reason to ask your employer if they offer help finding your partner work. They may be able to offer them a job at the same company or offer financial help while your partner looks for a new job.

Request a Cash Stipend

There's a lot of costs associated with moving. You may not be able to pay for them all, and some may even be a surprise, such as needing to get your car repaired after a long move. Find out if your employer offers a cash stipend to help pay for miscellaneous costs other than the movers. Just make sure if you do accept any stipend, you know what you can spend it on. Some employers may require you only spend it on moving expenses, while others may allow you to use it as you wish.

Don't Forget to Negotiate

Whether your new employer has a written policy for relocating reimbursement or not, don't be afraid to negotiate. You already beat dozens of other candidates to get the new job, so you know they want you. Use this information to get more moving services provided. Just make sure you don't ask for outrageous services. For example, if your new employer is willing to pay for the cost of moving your items, they may be willing to pay for the cost of packing your items. However, if your new employer typically doesn't pay for relocation, start small.  

If you have a new been offered a new job, but you have to relocate to accept it, ask your new employer about relocation benefits. They may be willing to help pay for some or all of your move. Contact a moving service like Bekins Van Lines Inc and talk with your employer to figure out the best scenario for you.

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