Easy Essentials To Have When Packing And Moving Electronics

Moving can be an overwhelming process. From packing and cleaning to organizing and hauling heavy furniture and boxes, it is easy to see the challenges. Most people expect the stress of moving, but decreasing the risk of problems is possible. Although the average cost is a lot lower compared to a few years ago, replacing a TV after an accident while moving will most likely cost you a few hundred dollars.  Unfortunately, this is one of those issues that can arise during a move that people are not prepared for. You can reduce the risk of damaging your TVs and other electronics while moving. With these essentials, you can move televisions, computer monitors, and other electronics in a safe, efficient manner.

Original Boxes

One of the most effective ways to keep your electronics safe while moving is to pack the items in their original boxes. Most television, computer monitors, DVD players, and surround sound equipment come in boxes that offer Styrofoam pieces perfectly suited to protect these items.

Be sure to wipe down your electronics using a microfiber cloth, or spray them with an electronic-dusting solution. This will ensure they are not packed and stored away with dust and other residue that can inhibit the function of your electronics.

Of course, you may have disposed of the original packaging after buying your electronics. If this is the case, consider posting an ad on your local classified site to ask if any locals have original boxes for their televisions or other electronics. The packaging may not be designed for your specific makes and models, but it will offer some protection during your move.

If you cannot find boxes and Styrofoam for your items, consult your moving company. Many professional movers offer specialized packing boxes and protective materials for televisions and other electronics.


Each of your electronic devices and pieces of equipment came with an owner's manual. These manuals offer detailed information regarding setup, troubleshooting tips, and warranty information. While they will not keep your electronics safe during a move, manuals are important to have when uninstalling and reinstalling electronics once you are in your new residence.

Follow the directions in your owner's manual on the safest way to disconnect your electronics. This will reduce the risk of electrical shocks and changing your preferred settings.

Having your owner's manual will also help you in case the device does not work after the move. Manuals will offer troubleshooting tips, warranty information, and contact information, allowing you to diagnose and repair issues or to speak with a customer service representative for detailed help.

If you do not have the original owner's manual, complete a search online using the brand and model number. In most cases, you will be able to find an owner's manual online.

Smartphone and Colored Stickers

Your smartphone is also beneficial to have on hand when disconnecting, packing, and reconnecting your electronics. During the process of disconnecting components, use your smartphone to take photos of all the connections. This will reduce the time and stress you will face while reconnecting your electronics once you are at your new home.

Use colored stickers to coordinate all power cords to their specific electronics, as well. The television power cord and actual television should both have the same color sticker. Match colored stickers with all electronics that use cords to reduce the risk of losing important pieces, which can be stressful, time-consuming, and costly.

Moving is already a complicated task, so finding ways to reduce the stress is smart. With these tips, you can reduce the stress of packing and moving your electronics. 

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