Items You're Moving That Need Special Care

When you move, most of your belongings will travel with you without issue. Items like furniture, tables, clothing, and non-fragile personal belongings don't require special care to relocate.

However, some items can be potentially damaged while in transit, or in the actual moving process itself. This guide will help you determine what items need special crating or wrapping for the moving process. You should not attempt to crate or wrap these items yourself. It's best to hire a moving specialist to assist in your move so you can have all your belongings relocated in a safe and organized manner.

Large appliances

Your refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, and other large appliances need to be professionally cleaned and carefully packaged in order to move them. You can clean your units yourself. Let your movers remove the shelving and other components of your large appliances and wrap them in special moving blankets, packing wrap, and other materials so they can be moved without worrying about damaging them.

Paintings and Art

Paintings can be punctured or scratched while they are moved. Paintings should be individually wrapped and crated to protect the framework and the art itself. Family framed photographs should also be carefully packaged. Let your movers know which items you have that you want to have professionally wrapped for safe transit.


Glassware includes anything that is made of glass, and can also include porcelain, ceramic, and other breakable materials. This means your vases, cups, plates, dining sets, and decorations should all be carefully wrapped and crated to prevent breakage while in transit. Since each individual glassware item needs to be carefully wrapped tightly and then placed in a crate with enough filler to prevent movement, this time-consuming task is best left to the professionals.

Musical instruments

Musical instruments, especially those that are large or delicate in nature, need special care when moving. String instruments should be handled with care and wrapped in special blankets to prevent making the items fall out of tune.

A larger, hard-to-move instrument, such as a harp or piano, may need to be partially disassembled in order to safely relocate the instrument. A mover that has experience with moving pianos and other delicate — and expensive — instruments should be hired to take your units apart and move them successfully. When you reach your final destination, your mover will put your instruments back together so you can use them again.

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