How To Make A Winter Move Much Easier

Moving during the winter is actually a great time to move. You may be able to save money. However, there are some obstacles you'll need to overcome to make sure that your move doesn't have any mishaps along the way. 

Prepare the Entryway

Make sure that the entryway is prepared before you arrive. You'll want to have the driveway salted so that you don't slip as you are trying to carry your belongings into your home. The last thing you want is to drop a box full of dishware after slipping.

Lay Down Floor Protection

Lay down floor protection in your home so that the floor isn't damaged by snow and dirt. This is especially a problem if you have hardwood floors. When you are working with a residential moving service, it's standard practice to lay down floor protection before moving your belongings into the home.

Make Sure You Have Heating

Make sure that your new home will have heating. In some cases, during a move, you're forced to wait until your furnace has been installed. However, it can become dangerously cold in your home if you don't have heating. Also, make sure to pack winter gear if you are moving from a climate that has more moderate temperatures. Be sure to bring jackets, gloves and scarfs. You may want both a light and heavy jacket in case it's warmer than you expected, but still somewhat chilly. 

Wrap Your Belongings

Even if you don't drop anything, you might damage your belongings in the winter because sudden changes in temperature can cause dishware and other fragile items to break. To avoid this, wrap everything in blankets so that any heat can be trapped inside to some extent so your belongings do not experience a sudden shift in temperature. 

Pay Attention to the Weather

Pay close attention to the weather. If you have reason to believe that the weather conditions may make it too dangerous to make your move, you might be better off contacting the residential moving service to see if you can delay your trip. 

Hire Residential Movers

While you can save money while moving during the winter, you won't want to take any risks that might lead to you becoming injured. For this reason, you might be better off hiring a residential moving service. This way professional movers can carry your belongings for you so that you're less likely to hurt yourself.

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