4 Reasons to Use Furniture Pads During Your Move

If you are planning a move in the near future, you will need to start gathering all the tools and materials needed to get the job done. One thing you definitely want to have on your list is furniture pads, also known as moving blankets. Here are a few reasons why they can benefit you during your upcoming move. 

Protect Your Walls

One reason that you may want to use furniture pads is to protect your walls. Some people like to use tape to secure furniture pads to corners and doorways so that if your larger pieces of furniture bump into the wall, they will not be scratched. Furniture pads can also be used around the entrance of a door so that items will not scratch the frame if they end up being a tight squeeze to get through.

Protect Your Floors

Furniture pads can also be put down on floors to protect them during a move. It will be a good idea to tape the furniture pads down so that they do not become a tripping hazard during the move because once they are in place they can prevent accidental damage. This includes heavy traffic areas where people will be walking in and out of the home with shoes, or in places where furniture may be dragged across the surface.

Protect Your Furniture

Furniture pads can also be used to wrap any item that you are moving where you want to protect the finished surface. It is common to wrap blankets around dressers, tables, or any wood surface that can easily be scratched accidentally. It will be a good idea to wrap the item in plastic to hold the furniture pad in place if it will remain on the item for the entire move. For example, you may want to wrap a TV with a furniture pad, and secure the pad in place with some plastic wrap. 

Save You Money

While it will cost money to rent furniture pads from your moving company or moving supply store, know that the whole purpose of using them is to save you money. Damaged walls and floors will eventually need to be repaired, and damaged items will need to be fixed or replaced. The furniture pads will give you peace of mind that you will not end up with accidentally scratched items while trying to move. 

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