Tips For Storing Your Rugs In A Storage Facility

Rugs are a lovely addition to a home's décor, but you may have a need to place rugs in storage. Whether you are in between homes or you are changing your interior design but want to save your rugs for another time, you can opt to store your rugs in a storage facility. The following are some tips to keep your stored rugs in good shape:

Choose a Climate-Controlled Storage Facility

As you are considering a storage facility, only consider those that provide proper climate control. A climate-controlled storage facility ensures the temperatures remain at a safe and constant level. Regular temperatures help prevent high humidity that can result in mold and mildew. Climate-controlled facilities are dry and safe from dangerous elements that can damage your rugs.

Make Sure Your Rugs Are Clean

Before you place your rugs in storage, you need to clean them thoroughly. Over time, rugs collect dust, debris, and bacteria. This collection of contaminants will continue to grow and fester when the rugs are stored. Dirty rugs will begin to smell and degrade the fibers. You can clean the rugs yourself with a gentle detergent and a soft brush. You can also choose to have your rugs cleaned professionally.

Roll the Rugs for Storage

When you store your rugs, you should roll them. Do not fold the rugs or you risk creasing the rugs and damaging the fibers. You can use a rod to roll your rugs to keep them nice and straight. Roll the rug with the fibers facing outward to allow them to air and not crush the material.

Spray the Rugs for Pests

When you store rugs, they can attract pests. To help prevent this from happening, you can spray the rugs before you store them. You should use a gentle spray that will not damage the rug fibers. You can use a natural solution of vinegar and water. This solution is generally a healthy pest control option and is safe for natural fibers.

Cover the Rug

To help further protect your stored rugs, you should cover them before placing them in storage. You can use bleach-free paper to cover the rugs after you roll them. You can also cover them with an old bed sheet or special plastic wrap designed for rug storage. The key is to cover the rugs with a breathable material. Do not use regular plastic wrap to cover your rugs or your risk mold and mildew growth. The rugs may also begin to smell when they cannot breathe.

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Rugs are a lovely addition to a home's décor, but you may have a need to place rugs in storage. Whether you are in between homes or you are changing y